Episode 1: Introduction to Spamming Zero

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This is a podcast episode titled, Episode 1: Introduction to Spamming Zero. The summary for this episode is: <p>RedRoute CEO Brian Schiff and CMO James Gilbert introduce their new podcast, Spamming Zero. They'll chat with seriously brilliant (and kickass) guest-experts to relay frontline findings around the bridge between tech and the human touch. From moments of experience that make an impact—across technology, brands, and industries—to the cultural moments that change us as people, no topic is off the table.</p>

Brian Schiff: I'm Brian.

James Gilbert: And I'm James, and this-

Brian Schiff: Is Spamming Zero.

James Gilbert: Right now, we're just going to shoot the shit for just a little bit and everybody can get a feel for our personalities a little bit. So, Brian, what's your vision with this podcast?

Brian Schiff: For me, the vision is I want it to be something that people enjoy and I don't want it to just be a way of getting clips... I want it to be something that people will actually choose to genuinely go and listen to and come back and listen to again because they're finding it, right? To me, it's that intersection of learning and entertainment and getting insights and laughs at the same time and in the same episode. And then I think personally, I'm pretty excited. I think that we're going to have good time and it's going to be fun individually for us. So I guess that would be the hope for the audience and individually.

James Gilbert: Yeah, I got to be honest. One of the things that we have talked a lot about in the first little bit that I've been here is the idea of being unconventional. You are- inaudible. I am all about that and No doubt about it, this podcast will be unconventional. Spamming Zero is about focusing in on the zero. Why are you pushing zero when you call, right? There are so many different things and so many places that people go when it comes to their experiences and sharing those across the board. You know I take a lot more of a marketing approach to those things because that's where my experience lies with data and all that other thing. But what's interesting is the guests that we're going to have on this podcast and also the expertise that they could bring to the table, from all different walks of life. Right? And the beautiful thing that I'm the most excited about with this podcast is the idea that there is nothing that we can't talk about. Nothing. And the beautiful thing about this podcast too, is the ability for us to tie everything back to experience. That's-

Brian Schiff: And almost everything is an experience, right? Which just, it leaves it all open for us.

James Gilbert: Yeah, totally. And that's what I'm most excited about. This podcast is going to be amazing. If you're listening to this first episode, you will hear Brian and I riff more often than we have a conventional reading list of questions. That's just not going to happen. We want to make this conversational, and who knows? We may even do some podcasts where we have maybe a live feed where you can literally come in and listen to it live and ask questions.

Brian Schiff: I am so down to live.

James Gilbert: Unconventional. What is one thing you think the audience should look forward to in the next month with our episodes?

Brian Schiff: I think that we're going to get in our first handful of episodes, a slate of guests that are all incredibly interesting but also different at the same time. They're going to come from totally different backgrounds with different vantage points, but they're all going to have a lot to say and it's going to be entertaining. So I think we're going to go broad from the beginning and we're going to do a lot of riffing from the beginning and we'll see where it goes.

James Gilbert: We're going to create a lot of fun. And if we can't get you laughing, then I think we're failing in the episode. So that's, I think, Brian's goal too. Wouldn't you agree?

Brian Schiff: I would agree with that. There are so many business podcasts that are out there at this point. And there's no question that the amount of people listening and the total listening time is also going up, so there's more consumption happening too. But there are so many business podcasts and I feel pretty confident that probably 95% because of you and Summer and your experience. And maybe a couple percent because of me. This isn't going to be some flimsy little thing that we stand up and it just becomes a dud that's off on sidelines. This is going to be central and we're put the time into making it a really good show. And I love that.

James Gilbert: The power, in my opinion, behind some of the best podcasts is getting people to think totally outside the box and getting them to then riff on it and not be afraid. That's the key. Right? So many people are so afraid to just talk about what is on their mind that they literally lose their mind.

Brian Schiff: I feel like we're going to be yelling the other way more often where it's like, we said some things that were like,"All right. He said some things that were maybe we got to cut this one out."

James Gilbert: But that's the thing, right? Is like you think about all the stuff that's going on. I mean, even since 2020 and big stuff with COVID and everything. It's changed the way we've done business. It's changed the way we've gone through our lives. It's changed everything. And it's funny that people are still afraid to talk about how they feel. Because for whatever reason, somebody out there has said," You shouldn't do it."

Brian Schiff: Yeah. I don't even know if it's so much of it is even unsaid, right? It's just cooked into the cultural norm and people assume that they shouldn't. Our favorite LinkedIn community loves when people get out there and be raw. Right? It's what percent on LinkedIn posts are actually about work related things at this point, right? It's smaller and smaller every day. And there's a lot of people just letting it fly on there, which it's fun to see.

James Gilbert: It really is. You get to see some people's personal side a lot, which by the way, we should also plug that in the podcast. Let people know this is an opportunity to also get to know people on a personal level that you're never going to get to see. The people that we invite, there's going to be plugs of them as people because people are what create good experiences. That is what people will remember.

Brian Schiff: Hell yeah.

James Gilbert: Thank you for joining us for another episode of Spamming Zero. Be sure to rate, subscribe, and tune into next week for more awesome conversations coming your way.


Ever slam zero to get past a shitty customer service robot? What’s with that? Introducing Spamming Zero! RedRoute’s CEO Brian Schiff and CMO James Gilbert are a couple of outsiders turned insiders, relaying findings from the frontlines and unpacking what it all really means. 

They’ll talk with some of the most brilliant minds across industries to bring listeners insights, laughs, and a whole lot more. From moments of experience that make an impact—across technology, brands, and industries—to the cultural moments that change us as people, no topic is off the table. 

And in this, Spamming Zero’s Intro episode, Brian and James give you a taste of all the good stuff you have to look forward to. 

What’s covered?

  • Vision for this podcast: the intersection of learning and entertainment 
  • Being unconventional: just the way we like it 
  • What you, our new listeners, can expect in these first 3-4 episodes
  • No topic off the table: getting raw, personal, and having a whole lot of fun doing it
  • And more 

Ready to dive in with us? Listen, rate, and subscribe on Casted, Apple Podcast, or Google podcasts. Here we go! 

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