Episode 2: Why One-Touch Resolution Is Completely Flawed

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This is a podcast episode titled, Episode 2: Why One-Touch Resolution Is Completely Flawed. The summary for this episode is: <p><strong>Ben Segal</strong>, Senior Director of CX at Pair Eyewear—and our first official guest on the podcast—sits down with hosts, Brian Schiff and James Gilbert to talk one-touch resolution, and why he believes it’s completely flawed. This week on RedRoute’s <strong>Spamming Zero</strong>. </p>


One-touch resolution. A term that’s basked in the CX spotlight for… a while now. But, wouldn’t you know it, not everyone’s a fan. 


Take Ben Segal, for example. Senior Director of CX at Pair Eyewear, proud owner of a 2009 World Series ring (we just think that’s ridiculously cool), and our first official guest on Spamming Zero. 


Ben believes that the one-touch resolution approach in customer service is completely flawed, and he shares some pretty stellar insights to back that up—this week, on RedRoute’s Spamming Zero Podcast


What’s covered? 

-       Ben’s impressive background (Curious how he got that ring? Listen in. ;))

-       HIS perspective around hitting the zero button 

-       Why one-touch resolution is NOT the holy grail it’s been touted as

-       Customer Driven vs. Company Driven (hint: it’s not either/or) 

-       Ben’s take on long-term retention and customer lifetime value metrics 

-       Proactive CX: leveraging data at your fingertips

-       One of Ben’s most unforgettable experiences

-       And more 


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Brian Schiff

|CEO of RedRoute
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James Gilbert

|CMO of RedRoute

Today's Guests

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Ben Segal

|Senior Director of CX at Pair Eyewear