Ep 47. Real Money Moves Requires You To Position Your Business With A Growth Mindset Using The Right Language, Relationship Marketing, & Psychology To Get Those Money Bags!

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This is a podcast episode titled, Ep 47. Real Money Moves Requires You To Position Your Business With A Growth Mindset Using The Right Language, Relationship Marketing, & Psychology To Get Those Money Bags!. The summary for this episode is: <p>Who wants to make some money? </p><p>A sustainable, scalable, successful business simply requires consistently being able to do one thing: make money.</p><p>Now money is definitely not everything to building and maintaining a business, but without it, nothing can build from it.</p><p>This episode is a fast pace, worldwide of information, passion, and various conversations featuring me on different mediums expressing and echoing a singular message: the right mindset + the right marketing will lead you to the right abundance of money to build the business you need to create the life that you want.</p><p>P.S. Want a chance at $50,000 for your business?  I share an opportunity on how this episode, so listen up!</p><p><strong>Beyond The Episode Gems:</strong></p><p>Free tool to give your website a professional audit and improve your organic traffic courtesy of Ahrefs: <a href="ahrefs.com/awt" target="_blank">ahrefs.com/awt</a></p><p>See what the HubSpot CRM can do for your business at <a href="HubSpot.com" target="_blank">HubSpot.com</a></p><p>Hear the full recording  featuring <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/aneka-grandison-732612222/" target="_blank">Aneka Grandison</a>, <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/afitzhard/" target="_blank">A. Fitzgerald Hardnett</a>, and myself <a href="https://www.clubhouse.com/room/xLBEJr6d?utm_medium=ch_room_xerc&utm_campaign=wguLOg7h48pCbdI5laDvsw-74399" target="_blank">on Clubhouse here</a></p><p>Watch the live stream featuring <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessikaphillips/" target="_blank">Jessika Phillips</a>, <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikegingerich/" target="_blank">Mike Gingerich</a>, and myself <a href="https://youtu.be/rLmt8PB3NbI" target="_blank">on YouTube here</a></p><p>You can also read the full article breakdown on <a href="https://bit.ly/GrowthMoneyMindset" target="_blank">Why Your Marketing + Money Mindset Matters In Business here</a></p><p><strong>FedEx 2022 Small Business Grant Contest:</strong></p><p>Enter the <a href="http://bit.ly/FedEx_StrategyHackers" target="_blank">FedEx 2022 Small Business Grant Contest here for your chance  to win up to $50,000 for your business!</a></p><p>The deadline to enter the FedEx 2022 Small Business Grant Contest is February 28th, so get to it!</p><p>I explain <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/posts/findtroy_enter-fedex-small-business-grant-contest-activity-6900489839624732672-kXeM" target="_blank">how the contest works, the criteria, and the prizes in more detail here</a>, and <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/posts/findtroy_5-steps-to-enter-fedex-small-business-grant-activity-6901323492621717504-_gTx" target="_blank">the steps to submit your entry here</a>.</p><p><strong>#####</strong></p><p><strong>Support The Podcast & Connect With Troy:</strong></p><p>• Rate & Review iDigress: <a href="https://ratethispodcast.com/iDigress" target="_blank">RateThisPodcast.com/iDigress</a></p><p>• Get Strategy Solutions & Services: <a href="https://findtroy.com" target="_blank">FindTroy.com</a></p><p>•  Buy Troy's Book, Strategize Up: <a href="https://FindTroy.com/Strategize-Up" target="_blank">FindTroy.com/Strategize-Up</a></p><p>•  Follow Troy on Twitter: <a href="https://twitter.com/findtroy" target="_blank">Twitter.com/FindTroy</a></p><p>•  Follow Troy on LinkedIn: <a href="https://linkedIn.com/in/FindTroy" target="_blank">LinkedIn.com/in/FindTroy</a></p>

Troy Andreas: ...but the first thing you really got to do, is position your business to make you money. I've had a lot of conversations in the past two years, since this pandemic began, all this stuff. And I hear the same thing. They're so focused on the wrong things. And then when it comes to me asking them some of the questions," How much money have you made in the last 30 days? What's your plan for 2022? How much money do you need to achieve to get to where you need to be?" They get quiet." Troy, I feel uncomfortable. I don't want to talk about that." And if you're not making money, that's not making you feel small, or bad, or that you can't get money. That means you haven't done enough to position your business to get you money. For your business to make an impact that you want, for your business to prove everybody else wrong, literally needs one thing, money! M- O- N- E- Y. iDigress Squad, listen up. This is the moment where I remind you that iDigress is part of the HubSpot Podcast Network, which has assembled amazing Audio Avengers to help you listen, learn, and grow. One Audio Avenger I want to spotlight for you is Benjamin Shapiro of the MarTech Podcast. With episodes you can listen to in under 30 minutes, just like mine. The MarTech Podcast shares stories from world- class marketers, who use technology to generate growth, and achieve business and career success, all on your lunch break. I sincerely found so much value from Ben's recent three- part interview series with William Tyree, CMO of Revenue. io. Covering topics like, is marketing ops dead? How rev ops is taking over roles, MarTech and sales tech conversions. The conversation ranged from; how to maximize revenue, to embrace rev, to artificial intelligence, and corporation. But Ben covers everything you can think of in the MarTech space. From sports marketing, to black entrepreneurs experience with Calvin Brown. To the biggest trend in social media marketing, that will impact startups. To the rise of the millennial B2B decision maker. To how founders can start building their brand on a limited budget. And so much more. If you think about the value you're getting in under 30 minutes from just listen to iDigress, then you will get even more value listen to the MarTech podcast, with Benjamin Shapiro. Brought to you by the HubSpot Podcast Network.

Speaker 2: So, Troy talking about stacking some checks and money in your business. I want to open up just asking you, what is a money mindset in your business? What has you passionate about this topic in talking about it?

Troy Andreas: I learned that a lot of people are passionate about making an impact, but you need money to make a bigger impact. A lot of S& Bs. You're an entrepreneur. Maybe you're an army of one, maybe you're army of 10. Whatever, you do have to have a relationship with your mind around money. Money allows you access. Money allows you network. Money allows you to delegate things you don't want to do, to spend more time doing what you love to do, baby! And so many times we just don't understand how to acquire money. We have a bad relationship with money. And once we recognize that money will allow us to do things that we want to make that bigger impact, those passion projects difference in that, then you can really scale." Well, Trey, you're really talking about psychology and all these other things. How does that apply to me and business?" And Jessica knows this better than anybody, relationship marketing is the key. But when you're deeper into that relationship marketing, you have to have a mindset of how I'm going to give this value? And not convince, but compel, and command through confidence, and conviction that what I'm offering is that not only going to get the result that you want, it's worth the price for it. I mean, you can have all the features listed. But we all know this; story sell, facts just tell. So with your mindset, you have to understand a different approach. I'm not trying to pitch myself to death. Those who want what I want will identify themselves, qualify themselves, and activate themselves to buy it. You got to be chill with it. You got to be chill with it.

Speaker 2: Oh my God! That's the key right there. Troy, you just hit it. Because I feel like so many people like you, and everybody in the comments said like," I love Troy!" Megan says," I love me some Troy." Don't we all love us some Troy Andreas? It says the same. People like you, that are a lover of people. You have a passion for people. You care, you show up with heart, integrity, and just the passion of serving. Sometimes we have it in our mind that we have to serve so much, that money sometimes is evil or bad, or we can't sell. But there is this balance of one, knowing there's no scarcity mindset. Because there's the other extreme, where people are so afraid to share, talk, give away anything. Because they feel like if I do, it's going to be gone, or somebody else is going to get there first. But the other extreme of that is if I show up and for money, or show that my thing is of value, and it's worthy of being paid for. That it's somehow dirty or bad or whatever. And like you just said, you're not selling people to death. They're coming to you wanting it, and it's doing something for them to pay for it. I know I value something a lot more when I actually exchange some dollars for it, because I take pride that I've invested in that thing.

Speaker 3: What's up digital world. You're listening to the iDigress Audio Experience with Troy Sandidge. Social media, marketing, storytelling, business, culture, and more. Coming to you 3,2,1.

Speaker 5: Talking about money mindset and not being fearful of money, not being fearful of profitability mindset. I think there's that if, if my costs are X, then I should only charge Y because that's reasonable. But I think that you want to dispel some of those myths around that.

Troy Andreas: This is a very big thing with people of color, black people specifically on the BIPOC businesses. We can be more concerned about volume versus the value. And if we're not seeing volume coming through the door, no one's buying. There's two things that is happening here. If people don't see the value in what you offer at the price that you need, not just to survive out here, because it's hard out here. But to thrive out here where your business is creating the life that you want to take care of your kids' college, impact these things over here, impact these things over there. Leave that oasis and go to a different one. One that is in abundancy to where you need to be. I'll be honest, I was in that boat. Everyone loves me. They love my authenticity. They love my impact. But I wasn't taking that audience and compelling them to take action to buy what I offer. Because I was fearful of, they're not going to pay the volume or the dollar amount. And we have to release ourselves of that notion. It is perfectly okay to make money. That's what you went into business for. That's what quantifies you as a business. Otherwise, it's just a hobby. If you want to be in business, you must make money.

Speaker 5: There we go.

Troy Andreas: Money then creates the pathway to where you want to achieve. The goals, the visions, all the steps you had, that you started the business with still there, but you need money to get there. And so it requires us, somewhat uncomfortable. I'm a little uncomfortable. We all are a little uncomfortable, and it feels like you're bragging about yourself, but guess what? You are. It's necessary. So people can take you seriously. And so when you're trying to come about that, positioning yourself, you got to tell them what you're doing. You got to get your branding out there and say," I've done this. I'm the top this. I'm the best at what I do." People are going to believe you if you show confidence and conviction. Hey, iDigress listeners, can an additional$50, 000 change your business right now? If the answer is yes, then this message is for you. The 2022 FedEx Small Business Grant contest will be awarding over$ 360,000. Yes, you heard that right. Over$360, 000 in grants and services to 10 small businesses. There will be three grand prize winners, who will receive$ 50,000 each. Seven first place winners, who will receive$ 20,000 dollars each. And there will be a bonus of five grants worth$10, 000 each. Awarded to winners across several categories. So how do you know if you qualify to participate in the contest? The criteria are simple; you must be a US based business. Have between one to 99 employees. Have been in business for over six months, since February 10th, 2022. And have a shipping need. Can you answer the following questions? Why did you start your business? What does your business do? What do you do differently or better than your competitors? Are there any social causes that are important to your business? And how would you use the winnings to enhance your business? If you meet the criteria and can answer the questions, then you can enter the contest for a chance to win. Again, the three grand prize winners will receive$50, 000 each. Seven first place winners will receive$ 20,000 each. And five bonus grants worth$10, 000 each, award to winners across several categories, will be there as well. You have until February 28th to submit your entry, telling FedEx about your business, your story, and how you would use the grant money to make a significant impact on your business. FedEx is providing a chance to win a grant, to help alleviate some of the financial stress, and elevate them to next level for 10 small businesses. Why can't one of those businesses be you? You'll never know if you don't apply and find out. Click on the link in the show notes to apply. You can also go to findtroy. com/ links. And you'll be able to click and apply to the 2022 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest from there as well. You have a chance to win up to$ 50,000 to take your small business to the next level. This is a paid ad brought to you by the 2022 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Good luck!

Speaker 2: And the scripture that often gets misconceived is money's the root of all evil. It's like-

Troy Andreas: Yes.

Speaker 2: ...what you do with it and how you obtain it is. But when you can do more good with it, then it's just good. Right? And it's all about, I love that you said like, valuing yourself. And that's a hard thing to get to be because so many times... and I know I've been guilty of this. And as you just mentioned, it sounds like you were as well. That when something comes natural to us, and we care a lot, and we truly want to help others. We sometimes discount ourself crosstalk or feel like we can't charge that value level. Right? And it's more just a like," Oh, here's going to help. Let's break even." How do you get to that point? Or how have you got to that point to present yourself and stand firm in that, when somebody is coming to your door and saying," I want your services." And you're like," Here's what it is."?

Troy Andreas: Many times we don't practice saying the word no enough. It's not that much that we haven't rehearsed." This is my value. Here's my pitch. Here's my subject." You got your presentation deck. Walking all in, you ready to go. And you're like," Oh, I heard their story. I can help them. It comes easy to me. How much can you afford? Only that much?" We can't do that y'all. We have to learn how to say no. And I'll always have to say as my two word sales for manifesto, disqualify aggressively. I'm having a conversation. Oh, they love me. They love my product. They understand my why. They seem to recognize ideal candidate. They can't afford me, swerve!" No. Hey, here's my funnel. Here's my social media. I'm on Clubhouse giving free gems." Cool, I now switched gears from them being a buyer potential, to now being, can you be an advocate? If you can't be an advocate, be an elevator. I have moved the conversation. And we have to understand that not everyone's going to want to buy at the price point, nor should we have to always trying to bring ourselves down. A lot of people are dealing with struggles right now, still and I get it. I'd rather you create a whole new product at a lower price point, then offer a discount off your premium services. Because bet, let's say they join. Right? Things get back up. Right? And now you're trying raise your prices. Right?

Speaker 5: Yeah.

Troy Andreas: Guess what? They're like," No I'm paying for this amount. I ain't paying for another zero with that. Are you kidding me?"

Speaker 5: Right.

Troy Andreas: But if you present a new item, it could be the same thing, but package differently at a different price point. They see there's two separate of price points, two type of items. Marketing's job is never done, it's about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every single day. And then for sales, pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around their neck. That says, make me feel important. Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life. And that's for Mary Kay Ash. Growth mindset coupled with marketing, and sales effectively is going to give you the money that you need, to get you the value that they want, the life that you want to live. But you got to put in the work. Not you've already done the features, but it's the conversations and position.

Speaker 5: Beautiful! Beautiful! We've laid some of that groundwork now. And there's some small business owners out here that are listening in today, and they're thinking about make sense in the mindset. Now I've got to scale. Yeah, I've got to get beyond me just trying to do everything. So how does one focus on scaling?

Troy Andreas: Oh, I love this question. And for those who are regulars, y'all already know my Clover. It applies to a lot of different things. It's a cool little acronym. I get it. I know. I'm the acronym marketing God. You need to have a clarity in your current situation. Y'all thinking about how the business was before the pandemic. News flash! We are way past that now. Get clarity on where you are now; are people buying, why they're not buying. And if it's meant that this audience that you've maybe have built your business on for the past 10 years, is no longer viable for your business success, move on! It's business. You got to go where the people are. So with that being said, I'm not going to go through my whole Clover thing. You already know all that. What I want to talk about today to help you make it, to get you more conversations is, leverage language to launch. When you're looking at language, understand who your ideal audience, who your ideal client, who ideal customer is. What are they seeing? What do they sound? What do they about? Yeah, you already know the audience personas, but are you matching their pain point with the language of the solutions that you solve? With that they'll create enough demand that they see your price, but they know that their pain point is so great. I need that solution even more. And they're not going to think about the price. They're going to find a way to get to that price point. It can be hard to make big dreams a reality, when it feels like you're spending all of your time managing your CRM platform. HubSpot CRM platform is purpose built scaling for with your business and those big dreams of yours. So it's impossible to outgrow. With intuitive visual workflows and bot builders, the HubSpot CRM platform can automate campaigns across your website, email, social media, visual ads. And chat for clear communications and zero mixed messages. Come on now! We got this. We got this. With the HubSpot team's feature, you can organize your account by teams and segment leads, sort through content, and easily view team performance reports. And thanks to sequences, you can create flows to automate sales outreach, follow up, and time personalized emails. So you can scale your customer relationships like never before. HubSpot CRM platform is easy to implement and ready to scale. That sounds like the dream for those who listen to the iDigress Podcast. Learn more about how the HubSpot CRM platform can help your business grow better at hubspot. com. But most people, they try to figure out what's the coolest slang saying, I can say? I need to have a creative name. I need to do all of these things first, but they not making any money. Look, if you're not making money, it's just a hobby. If you're not making money, it's just an idea. If you're not making money, every insecurity that you have, my family, my friends are saying," You'll never make it. Oh, you want to get out that apartment? Oh, you want to get that new car? Oh, you want to provide a better life for your family?" Requires you to not be afraid to make money. So you have to put yourself a position to be seen, to be taken seriously, to be heard in the right rooms. Having the right conversations, who have pocket books to pay for whatever your offer is. But that's only if your product, your service, your deliverable is worthy of that price. And to command that price, you have to position yourself accordingly to deserve and earn that price. And don't buck the first time someone says no to you." I'm not paying that." Guess what? They just told you, they're not the right one for you. And don't trip and try to," Let me lower my price. Please buy my product." I just need to get that dopamine hit of my Shopify account, saying somebody bought my product. Great! But guess what? They only after tax, well only five bucks went to your account. Oh, I'm not playing you. I'm just saying, if we're trying to scale and grow, don't lower your prices, create a different offer at a lower price. That way when they get more money, they can pay you more money. If they keep you at that low hanging price. Well look how much volume I'm getting. If I can get one person to pay me a$ 1, 000 a day, versus a 1, 000 people paying me$ 1 a month and scaling that out. I would rather take the one person paying me a$ 1, 000, because they can pay me more. Now, yeah, there's multiple ways to get to where you want to go. But the first thing you really got to do, is position your business to make you money. Followers ain't going to make you money. Oh, you can't do the swipe up feature. I bet you, they still are paying your website to pay you money. I'm trying to help the black people, because when I talk about it in this way. And I've had a lot of conversations in the past two years, since this pandemic began, all this stuff. And I hear the same thing, they're so focused on the wrong things. And then when it comes to me asking them some questions," How much money have you made in the last 30 days? What's your plan for 2022? How much money do you need to achieve to get to where you need to be?" They get quiet." Troy, I feel uncomfortable. I don't want to talk about that. Can we talk about my website again? Oh, look at the pictures I designed on camera that took me two minutes to make. I don't know why it's not converting. I ain't getting my followers up. It doesn't matter if you're not making money. That's not being rude. That's not being inconsiderate. That's being understanding that, for your business to make an impact that you want, for your business to prove everybody else wrong, literally needs one thing. Money! M- O- N- E- Y. And if you're not making money, that's not making you feel small or bad or that you can't get money. That means you haven't done to position your business to get you money. And the biggest thing that holds a lot of black businesses down, is that we don't ask. We do not-

Speaker 6: No.

Troy Andreas: ...ask for help. You know what? No, one's going to care if I'm the one writing my content, or somebody somewhere else is writing my content. My content just needs to convert crosstalk. Nobody is going to care what it looks like on the back- end at all. Get over yourself!" Look, I did it all by myself." You can't have the capacity to make more and scale.

Speaker 6: Right.

Troy Andreas: Whatever you think you need to make, you need to make five X that to really live your life. To live your best life, you at least need to five X that. Oh, look finally hits six figures. And guess what? The strategy hack I'm going to ask you one question. Okay, define that. That could be 100, 000. 001. Yes, you made over six figures. But based on what the lifestyle you want to live with your business. So it looks like you got a little more work to do. And so it's just understanding that when we talk about what you need to make money, and have the tough questions, and have the answers. It's not trying to be rude. All of us are trying to figure this stuff out. All of us are going to have to change and adapt based off what the social media trends, whatever the algorithm does. However the audience is, buying trends, all this stuff. This ain't nothing new. One thing that's always held us down, is that we don't ask. Get over yourself! There's people who have been where you already been. And if they can save you years, literal years, of heartache, and pain, and suffering, and you just humble yourself and receive what they have to say. Guess what? In three months you can be way ahead of your peers. But also growth is uncomfortable. Everybody want to grow, but they don't want to put the time-

Speaker 6: Woo, Troy!

Troy Andreas: ...and effort and resources to grow crosstalk.

Speaker 2: Pastor Troy!

Speaker 6: Woo! I needed-

Speaker 2: Listen!

Speaker 6: ...this, but let me tell you something. Troy is amazing at what he does. Okay? And he just launched his book, Strategize Up. I already ordered my copy. It came in the mail. I'm actually in the process of reading it. Listen, the way he's speaking. If you want to scale and grow your business, I already made six figure. But guess what? That's just a start. There's another level. That's nothing's, there's more to this. Get that book at Amazon. Okay? You got Prime, it get there in two days. And start learning some strategy to grow your business.

Troy Andreas: So, you hustle and promote my book more than me.

Speaker 6: I sure do be posting crosstalk more than him.

Speaker 4: Right, and I ain't even know you had a book, you my guy.

Troy Andreas: See. If no one can find you online. If no one knows you exists. If someone Googles you and you don't show up in search. Doesn't matter how amazing your product or service is, because no one can find your website. No one can find you. Half the battle to increasing your traffic from your website, is understanding what you need to fix on your website in the first place. In the hopes of attracting the right people to say yes, to start the process of the sales conversations. This is where our friends at Ahres comes in handy. Discover optimization opportunities for your website. You'll see which keywords your pages are ranking for. You'll understand how Google sees your content. Visit Ahres, A- H- R- E- F- S. com/ awt. Sign up for the free tool, connect it to your website. And you're all set.

Speaker 6: Give us one tip outside of your book, when it pertains to strategy. I love for you to give the audience something. Give them something that they make them want to of going to download this book.

Troy Andreas: My biggest thing. And it's very simple, leverage language to launch. Do you know, if when you can learn how to listen, and leverage language based off the audience of the room that you're in. You're going to subconsciously gain their confidence, their trust to take whatever the next action is. Do you know how powerful that is, when you can develop that skill? And when you know how to do that accurately and effectively. That now it don't matter if you're doing sales. It don't matter if you're doing marketing, or branding. Because you've leveraged language of the ideal audience that you're trying to get money from, help, serve, impact, evangelize, grow your business, and connect you to the right people. When you know how to use their language, there's no hesitation. You're going to get that win. It's like, it don't matter if someone said," Listen to this podcast episode, it's an hour." When they said," If you listen to this thing for an hour, it's going to help you 10X your business." But the catch is the podcast episode is in French, and you don't know how to speak French. So it doesn't matter how many times you hear that episode. You can't take the full benefit of it, because it's in a language you don't understand. Now how many times have someone tried to sell you something, show you something, market to you in a certain way, looking at the brand and whatever. And it doesn't make sense. And when your brain is tired and it's exhausted. They tune out and they're done. You lost them as a customer, as an audience, as a community, as anything. But when you learn how to leverage language, and be able to really hone in on who you trying to target. What their pain point is, what their joy point is. And you can serve that up in whatever you offer, whatever product that you serve or sell, whatever. You're going to get that W, one way shape or another. Is that when you having these conversations, when you on stages. I'm not here to pitch or sell you anything, because I know what I do. And I know it works. I have that conviction. I have that confidence that I'm going to be consistent. And my delivery of my conviction and my confidence that creates opportunity, and that moves people to command someone to see you in a certain way, in a certain perception to grow. And if you're not a buyer, that's not a loss for me. I'm going to switch so fast, it's going to be a night and day. If you're not a buyer, you can be an advocate. And if you're not an advocate, everybody could be an elevator. And that's why I like to say the relationship status the Beta's in the book. Where it's buyers, advocates, and elevators taking away the pain point of, when I'm in sales conversation." If they're not going to buy my product, I failed." You didn't fail. Every time you have a sales conversation, you can get better at your pitch. You're going to find out what work, you're going to find out what didn't work. That's going to make you a better salesperson next time. And if they don't want to buy, they can be an advocate and help you connect with someone else who wants to buy. And if they don't want to be an advocate, everybody can be an elevator. And like your post, follow your content, subscribe to your newsletter. It's always a win. There is no loss in sales. It's just knowing where to put them once the sales conversation is over.

Speaker 7: Man, oh man! Buyer advocate or elevator. We all need those in our lives. That's good money. That's good money. You got to have a discernment to be able to figure out who they are. But you got to know where you're called to be. I'm a man of faith. And I talk about it. There's a story in the Bible about a man who was called to a certain brook. And when it got to the brook, there was a raven there to give him provisions. What does that mean to you? You are called to a certain area of service, and there are people waiting on you. People waiting on you. Now, here's the problem with that. For example; you all sell beef, hot dogs. You got the best beef, hot dogs, but you around vegans. Trying to sell your goods, trying to serve them. And they're telling you,"No." And so you're thinking, oh man! A failure, this ain't working. Guess what? You're in the wrong place. You haven't identified that. But instead of shifting the conversation and asking them," Hey, do you know anybody who might be a good candidate for my product? For my beef, hot dogs?" You getting down and out," Man, my I'm no good. Don't nobody want my stuff." And so now you start playing small, thinking you're a failure. All the while you were going to the wrong marketplace. You got to identify this stuff, man. Good money, Troy.

Speaker 6: I'm just taking it all in. Just letting the stage breathe a little bit. But thank you so much. Fed's Troy for coming in and pouring to all of us, you have to be a student of the business. Continuous student never arrive. I'm in the back writing, taking notes. Taking notes.

Speaker 2: And you are absolutely right, Troy. When you said, presenting your solution back to your ideal audience, your ideal customer, and knowing who that person is. Because then all it is just helping them. Right? You're like, here's what you told me that you need. And that starts by asking questions, and why you do want to ask a lot of questions and get to know this person that understand who they are at the front- end. Because then all you're doing is saying, you're telling you need this. Here's your problem. Here's your goal. Let me help you. I have that thing that you need. And I'm just presenting it back to you in that same language, just like you said. So now it's just like we found the solution together. Let's move forward in this relationship, so we can reach our goals. And like you said early on, you're not having to sell, sell, sell. Because when somebody's coming to you, and you're already showing up with that clarity, conviction, consistently. They already know what you're about. Then they're just like," Hey, let's find out the solution together." Did you find that you had to get comfortable sharing some of those things?

Troy Andreas: I realized my biggest thing. I was doing all the right things, but it was going to the wrong people.

Speaker 5: Yep.

Troy Andreas: And to be honest-

Speaker 2: Say it again for the people in back.

Troy Andreas: ...there's a difference-

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Troy Andreas: There's a difference between people who give you digital accolades, you need it. We all need it. Yes, we special need it. But when you in business, you also need people to pay you that green. That M- O- N- E- Y. So if the people who are giving you all the accolades, aren't also the people who aren't going to give you the dollars and cents. You have to separate that in your mind. And for me, I have to dig deep within myself. And I said, all this great community, and it's not that maybe they don't want to buy. Maybe they can't afford it, or maybe they don't need it. They don't have a demand for it. That's perfectly okay. But that means I have to leave this situation to go into a different situation. And that is extremely uncomfortable. Because it feels like I got to do my business all over again. My connections have run dry, my sales connect, all these different things. I got to start over. I don't got time to start over. I don't want to do that no more. But in business you're always evolving. So your marketing and sales strategies should have always been modifying, and optimizing, and switching. And looking at the data and saying," Oh, we're seeing a massive shift. We got to swerve, do something different." But now it might be more apparent than it's ever been. I need to have something in always continuation, always in momentum. Like I said, you're never done marketing. You're never done selling. And let me be clear. The act of selling shouldn't be perceived as conniving and manipulative. Yes, there's examples of that. But we got to leave that somewhere. Selling is literally you, it's a great opportunity to come to someone saying," You have pain. Let me help you. Let me take away your pain. And it costs as much." It's that simple.

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