Using ChatGPT in Your Cold Emails?

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This is a podcast episode titled, Using ChatGPT in Your Cold Emails?. The summary for this episode is: <p>In this episode of The 0 to 5 Million podcast, Shawn and Ollie explore the world of AI and how it can be used in sales and marketing. Join them as they discuss the potential of using ChatGPT to assist you in your daily tasks and how AI can change the game in terms of personalization and automation. From detecting responses and automating replies to the limitations and pros and cons of AI, this episode has it all! Stay tuned until the end so you don't miss Ollie's funny example of how AI can sometimes go wrong.</p> <p>Want to hear more conversations with Founders, CEOs and Revenue Leaders who are growing their business? Make sure you Subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment!</p> <p>Connect with Shawn:<a href=""> <u></u></a></p> <p>Connect with Ollie:<a href=""> <u></u></a></p> <p>Autoklose:<a href=""> <u></u></a></p> --- Send in a voice message:
Warning: This transcript was created using AI and will contain several inaccuracies.

Why don't you are not introducing. Today's guess, what? We are going to be talking about a very, very hot tub guy. You know, you're alive to use the instant. You probably heard of Chachi PC. Write a hundred percent. I think everybody has at this point, so a lot of people put in something like, write me an email to see your salad or some kind of math basic stuff. I'm interested in what you think about how this might be used in the future. Let's just trying to see how it is used today. Like what what can currently do otherwise? It's just me and I never ending but what do you think you could be useful for? Is it used for? Do I have a couple of pieces in mind for them but how it, how come we

How can we use a, what could be good? Be good to eat before I'm on my way, so be not less doing. Cuz, like I said, I'm, I've even tried to say, write me an email to you about to see you, and it was pretty bad, but I was surprising that it could do it so quickly. So even nice. That's good. I'm bout to that. I've done a lot of research on it and I think it's great. I think it actually producing great content. I think if you want to write a blog post and say your name, the five top things and sales and it right for you. I think right now is an amazing tool. That sells people can use product, marketers can use Marques, Houston use, but

And this is the, but I would say take advantage of it now because there will not be a, you will not be able to use it like you can today in the future.

Interesting, you say that so that I know they've already started to have. I paid version of it's about 20 bucks, I think Noah sure what the difference is between that and the frame, a b, a number of queries, or I don't know exactly how me see me some fly that. Why do you why do you say that? What what do you think's going to change everything in life and it's not going to be ever gone. But what's going to happen is, you know, a lot of people in high school, you know, they used to send their papers or essays for other people to write their essays for them and give it to the teacher. What can happen with Chachi Beach and it's already starting out of a guy in Stanford is there's going to be a Microsoft publish something that says it'll be penalized. If you start going on LinkedIn and Publishing chibi responses, they will suspend you. What can happen is for the first

How is Auntie Chachi Beauty and the other new one that Microsoft and Google just came out with its going to even be penalized for using it. So the way I would prefer, I would predicted for the short-term. Yes, you can take advantage of it to the long-term, you know, because for example, I can write my resume for Mike and I can be sure that I can do anything, you don't need people, but it's going to be penalized music. I read last week, out of Stanford, that's built the tool that they detected. Any content you produce is used from a automated telling you. You will be seeing some slaps on the wrist by people, just like you did, when you were using your pay people, pay those companies to write your essay for you in school and they found them out the same thing. It's going to happen, but I would say, within the next six months you'll see the hype kind of come to an end but that's not to say i l y you scared.

It's the same thing as you know when I like the soup place to be in the cpg, when you build a bottle of shampoo and you do the private label, you have to change the brand name by certain amount, or you could be sued, for saving to happen here where you can use chat, TBT, but she has to have it, only 15% of them and you're going to do the rest will be able to assist people, but it's not going to take over jobs because at the end, I will be penalized very shortly to self about your exams. But I didn't cheat, I didn't either. But I know there was websites. You can literally go on and pay companies to write your essay and they'll give you an A-Plus essay anteater sound at some point.

Anything is too good to be true, I know it was even on the local news station for me a couple nights ago. They were saying I know it was it that was a teacher and he had full papers tomorrow. I know he got one of them. Write a bing bing half of them with Chachi between Alpha. He got one of them right and you also have missed one of them. So it's very very hard to tell and I think the more you, it's right on it. The harder it is to tell them as well. Be able to write me an email campaign, so I can send to this list of prospects is

I just kind of a voice, all of the light, plagiaristic things about it. All you would want to just write it and it does a terrible job and everyone else, right? The same email. And then I thought you said, you knew you would want to be in that situation. I know I have my Jewel box has a salesperson. I have sudden the kitties Hills, like, I forget to pull out, but I find myself as well as I should have not caused me to fall off last and then I give up. It's all good thing. So I might say to a, hey, look, here is my tithings for a sudden to sign up poke holes in this, and it will say something like that. You would have more follow-up. Send you all of your emails were negative. And they were old farmer. That was not reselling, the dream, for example, of that sort of thing. You never going to send that, but it's going to park housing, what you're doing or like you said, the resume here, is my resume help me prove it so that I'm a more credible candidate for a director of marketing job. For example, that one

Do you like that? Tell anything you want give provided with your content and say, improve this? Tell me where I spotted, tell me why this script for my, my video is not engaging enough. Tell me how to write a blood price that will make people read it to the very end in those types of things. I think you can go a long way with that and I don't know how maybe it's time goes on, you'll get better cuz sometimes I bought a bunch of silly questions it and it refuses to kind of have an opinion as it says it doesn't want to say. I think you should do this, it will kind of relay the date soon as it has become more and more possible, but I think that's the kind of mess our way to use it. No, white me a Blog, it's pretty sure they're just saying, it's not going to be great. It's staggering how quick you can do it and how bike

Borderline except what is within an instant. You don't have to pay anyone and takes no time. That part is amazing. That enough? No way from that far to put it on. The website is another thing. You would have to edit it. It has to add to it. You have to use as a sounding board, you have to start with it and then play with it this weekend. I think it's like 100% usable at like mess of toxic level. It's nowhere near that in something that it probably is Brothers, but I bet that's why I'm thinking about it. I think me and you always will. We talked about? We also joked about is watching one year. Today, I'll be an author of a book in a new dust everyone, everyone. Starting next week is going to be an influencer.

I think it using the AI to detect reply type. So is it a positive reply type A negative reply to? I'm also doing automated replies to that meeting. If somebody says they're interested, it's almost like you don't want me to respond so you can write to someone that's interested in your product. I'm against the whole life start in 2023, but people using that as content, I know LinkedIn is already looking at doing it, but I do think there's anybody. You stay inside applications. I think we're looking right now, but we're looking at the specific reasons to help people to reply face or he was your reply. Here's three different options. Free reply, choose one and put in put in Sereno that's a little bit different but

You know, long term I just think it's another, two of them were going to see all these people here, say crack the code, like you said, crack the code and you can make $100,000 a month doing this. And then they'll start standing on their Lamborghinis and doing the whole thing that we always see on LinkedIn instead of what you said. That it's not even 4, that's why I send an email and I'll get a reply. And I'm not considering my response to that. You could have three options just to pick your example and you might say template number to but I suggest is the best one, right? Click on that one, then what you want is it's going to be a customizable to a sudden that will otherwise it is. Plagiarism. In Mikey said it's going to be a 15% or less chatty. Beauty, text alone, the rest you have to adopt I think that's kind of a danger why? It's just going to be click, click click dun, dun, dun low-quality white getting done even quicker. Even Foster we already kind of have that problem in sales. There's no shortage of females things done is done.

Is one thing I can see. People using it slightly in the, in a misguided way, I need the only other big plus I see away from it in terms of not using it all, if if this becomes ready, ready, widespread, it be a few years. So now, I think but the actual person station actual, you know, like Bonafide obvious human has written this type of emails that you think I might go, look how they look. They look to what we do. Wow, it and that will become such a big moment, you know, that would be sorry. It's now even though it is kind of like sometimes it depends on who you are as well, but that's not always the case in Outrage and even if they own, just finding it to everybody in the world. That's what I, I didn't get them all. This becomes a big thing, that will become even more of a wow moment when you receive that and that's probably for people who sell really big deal with big Enterprise deals, tens of thousands of dollars. How much is a thousand? You send that to that decision maker, the big company logo

All right.... The opossum they might have Insight cuz that's the one thing that doesn't have. It doesn't have Consciousness. It doesn't have experienced, it just has information, right or wrong. It's just going to give you something and then you do something with it. But if I have seen, whatever am I experiencing, I can tell she will not and that's of inside and used to him.

Great, I'll go on up on Saturday between the moment. So I said that's my type of thing for it. How can I be even more of a standout with this in mind? I spent a lot of time. I know as your writing as much as I used to post it as much as the time right now but one to two lines of the comment now have forty, I know you're trying to reply to a question. Is this long? I think it's being used on all platforms. Now, I think people are taking back to my brother said. I don't I don't think it's the long-term solution. I think I think there's any want to crack down on it and I think, you know, like just like sto and penalize you for certain things product and penalize, you for, for promoting it for promoting spamming people, it can be the same if they realize you're using it.

You just like a steel penny was just certain things to. So, I think I think we could use case, like you mentioned Ali but it's it's interesting how we look back now. You're two years ago, me and you forget all your talk about crypto. We're investing in crypto together, you know? I just saved a lot of app, businesses being built on that right now. It's not going to go away, but it's not going to be as fruitful as people think. I'll feel like this one's a bit different. It's so unbelievably useful for a massive amount of things. It's unfathomable how many things you could do about don't even think, or scratch even close to the suffix. Of what you could potentially do with that, you could live your to-do list for me or, you know, I'll get to it.

You with your career or life, or how, to send messages, how to approach your team. But I think I'm going to try and use a couple times a week to help me fill out my weaknesses in San Jacinto, I need to prepare for all team cool. Monday, I never write an agenda. I always forget. So, let's let's make an optimal agenda for a team meeting. Containing 7 people with five key points and enough time for everyone to talk. If you can do that. Would be amazing for me. That's a huge weakness of mind. So I might try it like that. I don't necessarily think it's going to be. I need to set up my Kodi emails in my reply, right sucks. Let's use it. I don't think that's going to help me and probably even if it does, I think you'll be like lightning in a bottle once, I think that the why did they stop Walks? Like A? Let's take a Coco example. The domestic thing of the bargain is Pancho no I'm calling you out the blade. Can I take a minute to tell you why coach?

Commission-based open up. That would be the best thing anymore and chatting with you. I know that unless it has the right to decide so it will never be able to tell you. What is next? It will tell you what is it whenever if the shelf life will always be the shelf life. So I think that's the problem. Was that bit of it, you got to go to use it for you and not for what you're putting out. I think a lot of similar comments, similar posts similar stuff going on that ever using the same thing and typing in the same thing but I think it's a female price Focus. Product-focused this Focus different things. Go to email pause / play negative by those things. Will be cool but just to basically get your get some of that slays, it doesn't want to write a blog post and have it. Do it for it.

I don't know. I don't think so. I don't think it's going to work out a long-term. I'll leave you with one final funny thing about it then so I asked to write me a Tinder message to send to my new match. So I haven't messaged yet. I told her a little bit about the person's profile. I told it's about it and tell me why I should say any guesses.

Well, I guess that's why he had no dates this week. He's actually makes me kind of got one but then you guess is what it told me to say no, sorry, I ate some, I had to specify the British person from Taylorville Illinois to Harding on that site. Stereotype me is like a 1800s British guy, so it's like hello Governor top of the morning. Me old mate. I'm not doing that. So I'm just saying,

That's so funny. Lol, listen. I think this is a great topic to re-engage and also thank you for everybody who's listening if you enjoyed the show and don't forget to give us that five star review and leave a review wherever you're listening from Ed, subscribe so you don't miss the men that show Ali. Thank you once again and great talk to you.


In this episode of The 0 to 5 Million podcast, Shawn and Ollie explore the world of AI and how it can be used in sales and marketing. Join them as they discuss the potential of using ChatGPT to assist you in your daily tasks and how AI can change the game in terms of personalization and automation. From detecting responses and automating replies to the limitations and pros and cons of AI, this episode has it all! Stay tuned until the end so you don't miss Ollie's funny example of how AI can sometimes go wrong.

Want to hear more conversations with Founders, CEOs and Revenue Leaders who are growing their business? Make sure you Subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment!

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