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Episode 24  |  23:24 min

The Best of Completely Unrelated

Episode 24  |  23:24 min  |  09.30.2020

The Best of Completely Unrelated

This is a podcast episode titled, The Best of Completely Unrelated . The summary for this episode is: In honor of International Podcast Day, we have put together a compilation of the best moments from the "Completely Unrelated" segment (the portion of the podcast where hosts Bobby and Cole talk about things that are ... completely unrelated). Learn about their worst haircuts, favorite Boy Band and Pop Tart, and a thorough description of Bobby's seasonal drink schedule.
Takeaway 1 | 00:16 MIN
Bobby: On using hair product
Takeaway 2 | 00:24 MIN
Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
Takeaway 3 | 00:15 MIN
Cole: The Pop-Tart Guy
Takeaway 4 | 00:25 MIN
Bobby: The Science of Beverages
In honor of International Podcast Day, we have put together a compilation of the best moments from the "Completely Unrelated" segment (the portion of the podcast where hosts Bobby and Cole talk about things that are ... completely unrelated). Learn about their worst haircuts, favorite Boy Band and Pop Tart, and a thorough description of Bobby's seasonal drink schedule.
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Welcome to the in the clouds podcast in the clouds as a marketing Cloud podcast powered by low the most influential marketing focused Salesforce consultancy in the world lab is customer experience obsessed and podcast hosts Bobby till she and Cole Fisher have partnered with some of the world's most well-known Brands to help them Master meaningful one-on-one connections with their customers in this podcast. They'll combine strategy and deep technical expertise to share best practices how to choose and life use cases and solutions or the world's top brands using Salesforce products today off. Welcome to in the club.

Podcast this is Bobby tissue and Cole Fisher and we have a very special very contextual very serious episode for you guys today considering its National podcast day off and buy special what Bobby is alluding to is the fact that normally if you're tuning into this podcast, it's really for you know, the driving reason that you want to hear about, you know, Salesforce Technologies about current implementation or best practices or what people are doing the space digital transformation something that's that's probably true.

Pretty, you know pretty valuable and pretty pertinent to what you're doing. We we want to just set the stage today that since its National podcast a really just want to put a little a collection of some of the goofiest moments. And so essentially what this will be is a brief respite from any sort of redeeming value that this podcast has whatsoever and we're just going to have some of the best of completely unrelated that is that we didn't choose but it's been it's been selected by our our team that I don't know. I'm not just our team by the masses of large gold millions of people who listen to this podcast they voted on these and these were the most interesting portions of our podcast from the last year or so. The funny thing is it's hard to have tiebreaker votes when there's only two votes so, you know, it's it's it's been odd, but but we'll start with this first clip here.

You know a lot of the sort of covid-19.

Most important question as we moved to actually completely unrelated. What is the worst haircut you've ever had? Well, I would you could argue that. It was just my general haircut wage going up. I have to worry about that. I'm sure now but but my general haircut I'm completely shaved now, but my short shorn off my general haircut growing up was for the longest time. I we didn't refer to it as it was a bolt. It was just a straight-up bulk up for a long time, you know, just budget like fraud out and it was kind of it was kind of like the street cross like, you know, Dutch cut that people like hey, did you get like a free bowl of soup with the hair? I tell me you got something out of this deal like but but the very worst I was I was probably six or seven and you know, my brother and I went down on our bikes to the barbershop. I'm like, hey, let's get some you know our Spike cuz that was the cool thing was wearing her hair in a spike home.

Basically just getting a buzz cut and I went you know went for that and and they basically just I guess didn't show anything off and so I got sent home. I also well, they didn't do anything your hair like they didn't cut any thoughts and so she sent us back. It was like, I don't know like like tell him like you're six or seven years old like in your brother like, you know, tell him that like you want an actual haircut like take some something off. And so I guess out of spite Barbara Baba never forget Barbara Baba just spite just basically shaved me completely you want your okay. You got it. Take your frustrations out on the wrong year old. So like I came home. I thought my mom was gonna be mad at me for some reason. So I put my put a hat on and I kind of like stood under the pine tree and she liked it. I was like she like she describes to this day. She just see like a little skinny little spindly legs sticking out from the pine tree and I was too afraid to come out so she I came out and she she my mom's like the tiniest sweetest lady ever, but not I mean bone in her body. She went down there and rebuild Barber Bob.

It's like you just you scalped my son prove a point here. You're awful. So what age did you have the bulk up like basically up till 6 ish? And then I took it was it was mostly up to six. Okay, it was a was a hardcore full cut see I think because my thought was I I had the bulk up from I think around like 6 to 9. We're was literally like I'm going to put a bowl on your head pink pink pink. Yeah. I mean, that's really what it looked like but I also went through a phase where I put a ton of gel in my hair so long Middle School and High School. It was the LA looks Ultra thermal curtain and so like if people touched it wouldn't move it. Was it just helmet-head? Yes. Yes, although one of my favorite things, you know, and as I've gotten older and started to lose my hair. I'll never forget this we were in

Las Vegas my wife and I and we were taking a picture in the mirror, you know, like cool couples. Do you know like with the turn actually don't take a selfie in the mirror and I had like my life was down and kind of looking at her and she could see the like the top like crown of my head and it's just she's looking at the picture and she's like you're losing your hair and ever since then I admittedly use a Rogaine every single day and I swear it works. Fantastic. Yeah, so Rogaine if you need if you're looking to sponsor not get advice like ten years from now. I'll never forget that. Are you are you losing your hair? And then as soon as I started using it, she started taking pictures of my hair. So we got double it subjective old exactly exactly.

This next clip is all about making fun of Nick for choosing the wrong boy band and what we're some of our favorite fads and the best 90's boy band of all time where they're really nice. Only one right answer true statement.

And jumping into completely unrelated the best fad you guys can think of or your favorite fat I should say, you know, I I had a weird thing. I like I always had an aversion to like follow up and then he was like younger brothers like syndrome like I like whatever my brother's do I had to do something like different cooler say they were already in like a fad was a thing like I was like, oh, I'm not I'm not inventing this this thing down to just follow but like one of the coolest things especially when I was like really young and impressionable snap bracelets. Do you remember those? Oh, yeah. I like like I requested those they were up my they were all dead. Yeah. I mean they were like all of my forearms like the more you have the more street cred. Yeah. I mean it was it was a thing. Like I'm just imagining when I'm walking down the street and I see a game out there, you know to stay away from those other their Wiles all of my things that I love for just all basically around food. They the best dog

My favorite fad cuz I considered a fact cuz it's not around all the time are the I'm totally losing the name of it. The the mint age milkshakes at McDonald's during Saint Patrick's Day Shamrock Shakes, you know, I've never tried one of those. They're delicious right? They are really good. Yeah, they're green mint tea cup in Saint Patty's themer is so yeah Nick I'm going to guess yours is a mullet since that's what you currently have if you have a moment and I'm putting plugs right now. I think there's a whole class agreed to where it won't I think that it's a look that's going to come back. It's not my favorite band. I think my my favorite fat of the best bad and maybe this is just a Nostalgia talking but through the name is there were some great boy bands. I mean like the choreographed dancing. I like what you're putting down here. I think that that is one of the best fads to come off.

And like there's no shame in being coordinated dance. I don't know if I would call that a fat as much as I would just call it raw talent. So here here's the million-dollar question Backstreet Boys or NSYNC NSYNC. Oh cool. Well every group has to have one guy who's wrong. It's back straight. So there's clearly a golf is really just way off. Just some simple ended up having a better solo career. Just not me but Instinct was better than Max your voice. I couldn't name a Backstreet Boy.

Yeah, cuz there's no I in team exactly.

And speaking of things that are absolutely not debatable. This next clip goes into some really complex and deep-rooted issues. You know, there are a lot of things that people tell you not to talk about on first dates are in working environments politics religion now, we're not the best envelope here body know we're really not and we want to add the favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts to that as well.

So jumping over to completely unrelated we've had this has been a big topic for our team and I say big topic cuz all three of us agree on what the best Pop Tart flavor is. Well, I don't think it's really subjective necessarily. It's just like how much greater is this best flavor than everything else? And actually I took a lot of heat when I was like pre sales force. Yeah. I was I was off at a startup and I took a lot of heat for really getting address after lots of Pop-Tarts. I would basically I used to get into really early and I would basically just bring Pop-Tarts with me every day off. So I became the the Pop-Tart guy. How many would you eat? Well, I mean only like two but like I always had Pop-Tarts like that was like that became, you know instantly became my staple I didn't I didn't want to be the Pop-Tart guy, I could be, you know, there are worse things to be but I say, I want to be the boss at the time thought it was hilarious for some reason and like hit like he and his wife were they were shot they would like finally

Like the most exotic new like flavors of Pop-Tarts and they you know, they were just kind of like really bring him in and I thought oh, okay all sub these in and that's how I actually got to try cuz I was I was a pretty basic thing. I don't know if you know this about me I'm relatively basic most famous. And so I was a strawberry. I was a blueberry guy, you know, I tend to steer clear this cinnamon crowd. That's just not my jam wage, but he but he brought in the best flavor ever and it was s'mores and I thought it was I thought was crazy closed. The first the grand was like the whole it's just delicious. I don't just it's knocked my socks off Thursday. No competing. Yeah, and so speaking of smores. So, uh Joni my wife has a cabin and she had runs it as an Airbnb and she left all the spores ingredients for her first. Guess that just came the other day, which I thought was really nice. So I thought it was really cool that was on the back of the Hershey package. They gave you four wage.

Is to make a s'mores. Can you think of the four ways to make us more? There's only are you talking about like four other ingredients know I've seen people dropping in like Ricci cut off unbelievable. Unbelievable. I'm not I'm not expanded Into The Connoisseur ways of the store. It was for ways to actually make this more. So Hershey marshmallow graham crackers off. So, what's the most basic one? Well, you put them all you put them all on or chocolate first, you know, this was actually like how would you heat up the marshmallow over a fire? Okay. So that's one of the only one there are three others. I was very impressed with her. She's ingenuity.

What can you you could technically microwave it there? That was another one. Yep. So you put the graham cracker the chocolate and the marshmallow on top and then you put in there for 30 seconds or so. And then if you tell me there's like a deep frying or boiling way or something like that. I'm just no but there was a baking. Yeah, so you could like microwave it for like eight seconds or you can you know, put it in the oven. Well, yeah the same concept with the the last one I thought was the most ingenious one and probably the ironing board with wax paper and you can you complete your pants at the same time. You're actually not that far off. It's a grill so you make the whole s'more and then you wrap it in foil and you put it on the grill for medium high heat off for like 3 minutes.

Which I don't I don't think would actually work because I think you would just completely melt the chocolate.

that could be really

why I mean, why don't you just like

fire up the the oven or whatever and just dump the whole thing into a picture and just you know, just ruin the whole traditional like over it supposed to be over a bonfire. Well, I'm glad this conversation went totally Dissmore's cuz there's really no other Pop Tart flavor worth mentioning. I do want to call out Menards Menards. If you're listening s'mores Pop-Tarts flavor at the bottom of the chef raspberry and cherry on top. He's got a flipped and not to mention they had unfrosted Pop-Tarts. I'm pretty sure that's against the law.

Yeah, that's just an incomplete Pop-Tart. They're just not done yet. Exactly.

Getting this last one here. Now Bobby personally, I would never accuse you of being overly analytical at all. But in a court of law this nation that might might get the book thrown at you by a jury of your peers. Listen into Bobby's ever. So tedious drink regiment if you think Bobby thinks things out listen to this,

So completely unrelated your go-to beverage. Now. I have a science to this because curious to hear because I don't you're going to Blind Side with those. I don't have a go-to off bridge. I have go to beverages beverage. I yes so beverage. I like that. Yeah, let's make that a term. So what I mean by that is just about every hour of the day. I have a different beverage for not only each day but the time of year, let me give you an example right right. Now, do you do anything else latest off late spring early summer?

Certain off the day with a couple of warm coffee. So usually wake up early have a couple of warm coffee, you know do some things and then my wife and I have our morning time where we'll chat and we'll talk about the day ahead and you know anything else that we talked about would usually for about an hour. That's a cup of decaf coffee. Okay. You got a taper off that old caffeine. Yeah. You can't get you can't get you know, you can't get too excited there. Then after that I'll come inside and usually do some kind of, you know, activity work out and then after that I will have typically like some kind of a smoothie.

And then once I sit down to work, I'll have another cup of caffeinated hot coffee. Okay, and this is about I don't know what colors 8:30 9:00 a.m. Then as I get into my mid-morning.

I'll either have a home-made cappuccino.

Or I'll have a some kind of carbonated beverage. Now. How are you deciding in this type of moment? Cuz it doesn't sound like there's a lot of subjective factors here. This is talk about our processes of like testing optimize like this is clearly some of the you've been perfecting for years. I can tell there's been a lot of thought process put into this in a lot of effort. I I know I know when I do, I do this or go to a carbonated beverage. I know you're not going to like, what do I feel like there's there is a like what is the season? What is the precipitation outside? What's the barometric pressure off? What is dictating this see? Well, the biggest thing for the first portion of the day is the coffee is the Cap'n Cat caffeinated intake. However, it's also a comfort for me cat coffee is by far my favorite drink by far my favorite turn your very often. So then you're right over a number of years and processes and you know Journeys home.

Myself down to figure out that this is these are the things they need so we'll fast forward a little bit cuz this is getting a little long-winded but so usually around 4 or 5. If I decide I'm going to have a an adult beverage. I'll usually have a vodka.

Some ice straight out of the bottle just to pull. Yep. And then if I'm feeling up for it afterwards, I'll have a Michelob vulture to not every night, of course, but the other portion of this that's very important is vacation beverages vacation and I'm talking Beach beverages because I feel like that's a whole different whole lifestyle right? So, let me just play this down for you. Okay, Joanie my wife and I get up we walk we have this morning walk. It's a two and a half mile walk to his coffee shop off we go there we have iced coffee or warm coffee. Just depending on the temperature outside again. You gotta take into the objective measure. Yeah, and then it will go back to the two and a half mile check back and then that's usually about also called 11:00. We start the morning off with a monster and like a Yeti make sure it's cold as we go out to the beach club.

And then usually we'll come in for lunch. That's where the fun stuff starts caffeinated monsters, right? Oh for sure. Yeah today that monster. I don't know I would imagine they do like the light stuff. I don't know but you guys are getting jacked up. Yeah, there's a lot of excitement in our household. So so then after that is when the monster plus some kind of adult liquor and drugs the tapering tapering. Yeah. So usually it's the last year it was the if for those of you familiar with monster, it's the white can I think it's ultra zero with coconut rum

Fantastic, really really good interesting, but I just found out and I told you about this earlier today a shout out to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for a coronavirus Lemonis. Say you drink the neck of a Corona you still put the lime in it and then you put in a little bit of lemon rum the always thought. It's it's a little moan from what's I can't remember the brand cardi cardi? Yep. Yeah, it's great. It's great as you can tell so this is a loaded question. This is essentially if I if listeners have learned anything it's test and optimize and that Bob is going to get cirrhosis of the liver within the next 5 years or my heart is going to explode I you know, what about you? I was just going to go with like water know, you know, I always have very simple PBR on Deck off.

Like PBR is a beer that you know, if you had a terrible day at work. It's kind of PBR. Hey, you've got a great day. You got a promotion. It's a PBR it is it's the most versatile of beers. Have you ever had a hams? I have when I used to make poor poor decisions, we hams hams is what I would I would offer to take somebody that I wanted to stop drinking here have a hands. It'll be your last beer of the night. But how can you turn down a 30 pack for $9? That's just when you know something you get what you pay for one for $9 you get a just a terrible hangover and regrettable choices and re-examine your life decision. So for so you're through your favorite like pop or soda, do you say pop or soda? I say Colby. I'm like a Kleenex, you know, like I just like I've always just well you want to have a Coke that just means carbonated beverage KO Aur is this podcast we just the whole thing just

It's it's a break up the last episode. It's official put my favorite cook is Big Red for sure. First of all, it's it's childhood favorite. It's it's pop it's controversial. Invest in the correct answer is Mountain Dew Code Red know we're definitely does Ian Rankin like the top 3 read coax cable, which is flat line from here. I think we've effectively lost everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this hard-hitting podcast and recap of some of our favorite completely unrelated. And if you want to continue hearing content Thursday, it's completely unrelated to anything that you might be doing or related to technology or sales force in general. Then don't give us any ideas or you can send in your ideas to in the clouds at love digital, and we can get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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