Rebecca's Birthday Eve

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This is a podcast episode titled, Rebecca's Birthday Eve. The summary for this episode is: <p>Today is Rebecca's birthday eve! In this episode, she discusses how we can focus on the things we love to do.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Resources:</strong></p><p>Join the Online Community: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p><p>Let’s work together: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p><p>Badass Women's Council Shop: <a href=" " rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"> </a></p>
The juxtaposition between producing something and creating something
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What do you LOVE to do?
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What's next after writing a book?
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3 Things you need to know right now
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Audio: (singing) This is Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, host of the Badass Womens Council Podcast. And I'm super glad that you're here. We provide reflection and connection for the high achieving woman. So obviously, the podcast episode you're listening to by yourself. So the connection you can find at BadassWomensCouncil. community. Come on in and join us. All right, here we go.( singing)

Rebecca Fleetwood Hession: Hello. This is Rebecca Fleetwood Hession. I am the host of the Badass Womens Council Podcast. And I'm super glad that you're here. So when this episode airs, it will be the day before my birthday, which is also known as Birthday Eve, for those of you playing along at home. I freaking love celebrating my birthday. One, because I love to gather with good friends and champagne and snacks. But also I have this just firm belief that by celebrating our birthdays, God is like," Yay," because he's giving me another year to do some cool shit. So why wouldn't I celebrate that? So I don't think about it in terms of how much older I'm going to be, because quite frankly, age is just a number. I'd prefer that we measure our lives in other more creative ways than years, like the number of really amazing live concerts that I've been to, or the number of sunsets that I've seen, or the number of people that I've loved. I don't know. Anything but years. And if you've jumped into my book, Write Your Own Story, I have a whole section in there about time, and control, and how it takes us too far away from our feelings and measures things in a way that is just not all that inspiring. One of the examples that I use is the difference between listening to an alarm clock versus a song. So the third key in The Three Keys to Rise and Thrive as a Badass Career Woman is rhythm, story, money, rhythm. And in the rhythm section, which I love to say, because it sounds super cool, in the rhythm section, I give the example of, do you want your life to feel like the cadence of an alarm clock? Beep, beep, beep, which immediately your brain goes, boom, shut that down. That is not pleasing versus your life sounding like a beautiful song with highs and lows and beats and spaces. And a song draws us in and makes us want more of that. It evokes feelings. And I want your life to evoke feelings. So kind of on a rant today. I guess, it's because it's my birthday week. I want to talk today about this... Well, I'll tell you where it comes from. I hesitated to call myself a writer until I had a book that I published. I've had my stuff in other people's books. But there was this weirdness that comes from the Industrial Age model of you've got to produce something for it to count. And I realized after my book came out on March 17th, I could" officially" da, da, da, da, call myself a writer. And then I paused, as I often do, because I am annoyingly reflective. I paused and I thought," This is bullshit. I have been a writer since I could write." In fact, Mrs. Garvey, my grade school teacher. I think it was third, no fifth grade, fifth grade, I can't remember, published one of my poems in a school newspaper that went out to schools outside of ours. And I was elated that somebody noticed that I love to write. And that she thought I was good at it. But just in general, the act of writing is something that gives me great joy. The feeling I get when I write is significant. And so it just got me thinking about that juxtaposition between producing something and creating something or just doing something. For some of you, it may not be a creative endeavor in the traditional sense. Maybe you love the act of planning a project or an event, putting all the details together and making sure everything is an amazing experience. I had that conversation with my friend, Christie Kaiser, the other day, as she's looking at her next step and career. And when you talk to Christie and she describes what it's like to create an experience, either through a product launch or a big event or anything like that, she lights up. And so instead of waiting to call ourselves something like, I am a writer, or I am a whatever, let's focus our I am statements on those things that we just love to do. And the more that we can honor that we just love to do these things, the more we want to do them. And then the better we get at them and the more opportunity for us to bring something beautiful to the world that connects with others. Mine happened to be a book. In the example of Christie, it could be an amazing event that she puts on or a product that she launches. But this idea that it doesn't count until we produce an outcome, I believe, keeps us striving, struggling and stuck, because we don't feel the freedom of doing the things that we love because we love them. Not because they're due on Friday or because someone said that we should. Just that feeling of I love it, so I'm going to do it. I tell a story in the book of my friend, Lindsay Picardo. And when she was growing up, she was blessed with parents that would allow her to try a lot of different things, sports, instruments, activities. And she was good at a lot of them. But she said she chose to move forward and do more with playing the drums, because she loved to practice. Now, think about that. Instead of thinking about what am I really great at, what are those things that you love to practice, you love to do? And what if you created a life that allowed more freedom to do those things? I want that for all of the people in my life. I want it for all of you, to feel that freedom to just do what you love. And then to create a career around those things that you love. It's a beautiful, beautiful space to be. So that was one of the rants that I had prepared for today. The other thing that's been on my mind a lot lately, because once the book was launched on March 17th, it's kind of like a wedding day, or having a baby, or any big project that you launch, anything that you do, once it's done, you kind of look around like," Okay, so now what am I going to do? I've spent the last three years working on this thing." And so, of course, on the day it launched, I drank lots of champagne and laughed a lot with my friends and ate a lot of snacks. And that was magnificent. Can't even say the word. And then the next morning I woke up and I thought, ah. And I just had this wash of gratitude. And I journaled about all the things that I was feeling. And then by the next day I was like," Holy crap!" I wanted to rest. And I did that. I spent a weekend absolutely just sleeping and resting and being in gratitude. And that was wonderful. But then it was time for me to think about, what's next? What's that next thing that I love to do? And getting focused on it, not necessarily in a maniacal way, but in a way that pulls me forward, because our brains work off of patterns. Neuroscience. Fact. Google it if you'd like. So we're always running off these old patterns that we have created, this groove that we have. And so my old pattern was get up every day and work on the book, get up every day and work on the book, get up every day and work on the book. Plan the book. Think about the book. How's the book going to launch? How's the book going to impact my business? And so now, it's up to me to create and to plan, in this front part of your brain, the prefrontal cortex, what's the new pattern that I want to create for myself? Otherwise, it could be easy for me to get depressed or stuck, because I don't have that old pattern of planning the book, writing the book, launching the book. And so I knew it was going to be really important for me to fix my vision, my sight, my" write your vision and make it plain," as it says in the Bible. What's the next thing that I want to work on, that I'm going to carve out that time and make sure it's something that I love, make sure it's something that is aligned to my uniqueness and talents? And I'm still working on that. I know that keynote speaking is my second love, after writing. And so it's a natural thing for me to say," Hire me to come speak at your conference or for your group. I'd love to do that." So there are some goals that I'm setting around that and some plans to make that work. But I'm really thinking about, what is the new pattern that I want to create for myself? What's the new goal? What's the new thing? So I don't feel that postpartum depression of the book is done, and now what am I going to do? So I say that for you to think about. And in the book, I talk about closing out a chapter, because it's time to write a new one. And this is why. We get all hyped up about stuff. It could be that, what if it's your child's senior year in high school and everything is focused on their senior year, all of the events and all of the pictures and all the parties? It could be easy for you to wake up on July 1st in postpartum high school depression, because now you're not sure what to focus on. It could be a big product launch, as an example with Christie. One of my other clients and friends, Denisa Lambert did a big, huge ISO certification that she ran for her company. And afterwards, she had to get focused on something else, because she had a little bit of a wah, wah, wah, when your brain has been so focused on those old patterns of achieving that thing, but then what? And so I want you to be thinking about... Especially at this time of year, it's spring. Things are sort of blossoming. It's new beginnings. It's Easter. I want you to think about, what's blooming and what's flourishing? What's next for you? What's that thing that you want to create the conditions to plant something that is just really, really important to you, that you love to do, that you feel good doing it? And put some thought into that. I am. I'm not sure what it is yet. I do know that there are three more books I want to write. And I've already started framing those out. So I might just start another book, because I love to write. So I'm thinking about that. And, of course, when I know exactly what it is, you'll know, because this is where I share all of my random thoughts. Did you know my first blog was called Random Thoughts by Rebecca? Yeah. Flashback. So anyway, that's all of my rants for today, y'all. I'd love to hear how's the book going? What's resonating? What's not? What are you struggling with? Anything. I didn't write the book to sell the book. I wrote the book because I wanted to give you something that I think is helpful. And I wanted it to be valuable, relevant and impactful for you. So when you send me pictures of the book with underlines and your notes in the side... Look, I'm tearing up just thinking about it. That's why I did it. I wanted it to be like you and I sitting down having some coffee or a glass of wine and just having a conversation that was helpful to you. Oh, my goodness! This is what I want your life to feel like, the emotions of doing something that matters. And you can do that through projects, through all kinds of work that you do. So I don't even know where I was going with that. Oh, my gosh, I got totally lost in my emotions. Oh, let me know how it's resonating or what you're struggling with. Oh, I have a couple of things that you need to know about. One, I just launched a buy a hundred books and I'll give you, for free, a recorded 60- minute keynote that I did that is really good. It's about the difference between striving and thriving, the root cause of how we got to striving, some actionable things that you can do to thrive. It's a good one. It's actually 53 and a half minutes. So you can do your own intro to it. So buy a hundred books and I'll give you the keynote for free. Just message me, Rebecca @ WEthrive. live and Mae or JC on my team will get back with you and give you some more of the deets. So that's the number one thing I want you to know about. Number two, we're doing book chats. So we're going to do three of them. One on story, one on money and one on rhythm, because those are the three keys to rise and thrive as a badass career woman. Either pop your email in on the website WEthrive. live or email me at that rebecca @ WEthrive. live and we'll give you all the details. We've got it listed in the online community, BadassWomensCouncil. community. And here's something I think that's really important, too, is this book isn't just going to resonate with women. It's all about the human condition. And so I highly encourage you to share it with the men in your life, because I think it will create some really robust conversations. In fact, a lot of times as I'm coaching with female leaders and executives, they'll refer me to their spouses, their husbands, and say," I think you need to book a couple sessions with Rebecca to help with your career." So I have worked with a few good men for most of my life. So it is not just about or for women. And here's what I think is really funny about that, too. We women have been reading books by men for decades. And never once did we pick it up and go," I shouldn't read this because a man wrote it." And I do know the title says for badass career women. Okay, that's good marketing, y'all, so. But I just want you to know that the book chats and reading the book isn't just for women. In fact, two of my most meaningful messages that I got right away were from men that I really respect, that told me how impactful the book was for them and how it was helping them see their life and careers differently. And whew, love that. Love that. So book chats, I would love to have you join those. The first one is on, wait for it, April the 25th at 4: 00 PM. The next one is two weeks later on May the 9th at 4: 00 PM and then two weeks later, May the 23rd at 4: 00 PM. For one hour on Zoom. So I'd love for you to sign up for that. You can go to the website, click events. It gives you all the details there. And we'll send you the Zoom link. What was the other thing? Oh, we just scheduled a party, a book launch party, because y'all know, I love to party. And we're doing it at a winery. Spencer Farms Winery here in Noblesville. We're going to do that on June the 3rd. No, take that back. June the 9th. June the 9th. I said it wrong the first time. June the 9th, we're going to do it from 5: 00 to 8: 00 at Spencer Farms Winery. We also have my good friend, Abby, with the Love Bug food truck, who's going to come and make delicious food. We're going to have fun. It's all ages, men, women. Let's just have a big old party on the lawn at Spencer Farms Winery and just enjoy each other's company. If you've already bought the book, bring it. I'll sign it. We'll have books there you can buy. If you don't give a two rats about the book, but you'd love to come and have a good time, come on. That's what we love to see, so. Oh, y'all, thank you for being you, for being a part of this journey with me, which makes it a whole hell of a lot more fun. And if there are topics of things for the podcast that you would like me to cover, hit me up. I'm doing the planning of the rest of the summer. I've got some guests coming back on. I know I've done mostly solo stuff here recently. But I've got some fun, fun guests coming on over the next few months. But message me if there's some topics that you would like for me to cover. All right, y'all, make it a great day, week, life. Love you. inaudible

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Today is Rebecca's birthday eve! In this episode, she discusses how we can focus on the things we love to do.