A Day in the Life of Reflection and Connection

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This is a podcast episode titled, A Day in the Life of Reflection and Connection. The summary for this episode is: <p>This short episode consists of Rebecca’s version of reflection and connection. Her emotions and vulnerabilities are raw and honest on a challenging day.</p><p>Rebecca talks about upcoming events at The Vogue with food and live music.</p>
The raw and real honest version of reflection and connection
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Reach out with some gratitude
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Rebecca Fleetwood Hession: (singing) Hey, this is Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, host of ‎ The Badass Womens Council podcast and I'm so glad you're here because today's episode is a day in the life of reflection and connection with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession. In my life, real time. Like just got back from the gym, trying to run this thing out to get enough miles in to get some clarity and some peace out of this day, because y'all, today was challenging. And when the days are challenging, it triggers our emotions because as humans, we are personal, emotional, and social. So when we're having these challenging times in our business where we're trying to control, measure and optimize the business, it triggers emotions. And it just does in all of us. So reflection and connection is about," Okay, well how do I manage the humanity of this deal, the emotions of doing big work?" So I'm just going to walk you through the raw and real honest reflection time that happened today. So there's lots of tasks on the list right now because of the event that's coming up on April 20th, Stand Tall in Your Story. You should come live at The Vogue or live at home. There's a virtual live stream option, but lots of tasks. I had lots of meetings on the calendar today, lots of things. And everything was just frenetic. Nothing was really progressing. I was busy, but I couldn't check things off the list. I couldn't focus. Thought my head was going to explode. And by mid- afternoon, my first thought was," F this. I'm just going to go have a drink." Told you I was bringing you the raw and real honest version of reflection and connection from today. Luckily, I've been working on this stuff for a while and I now realize that that behavior isn't always getting me what I want, so I've made some healthy changes. So I said to myself," You know what? Go for a run later, clear your head. This is all going to work out." The second emotion that I had... The emotion I didn't have was when I was saying F this. I didn't think I can't do this because here's the deal, I know I can because I've done enough hard things in my past experience to know I can get through some stuff. And so that's another part of reflection is I know what I can, I know what I can't do, I know where my vulnerabilities are. So it wasn't that I couldn't do it. The real thing that happened next was I was asking myself," At what cost? You can do this. You're going to have to double down. You're going to have to work some more for the next couple of weeks." And then my next emotion was, so at what cost, Rebecca? Because I know my vulnerabilities. My vulnerabilities reflection. I spend a lot of time knowing who I am. My vulnerabilities are at what cost, because working on this business and building this business is often a really lonely thing. So I've sacrificed lots of time with friends and building relationships. And so then I'm like," Oh, great. So work is hard. Here you are alone. Just get a life, Rebecca. Is this even worth it?" And then I realize pause, reflection, that this is a passionate endeavor that I'm in. So if somebody said to me tomorrow," Stop working on this. You can't do this anymore." I'd find a way to do it. So I want to do this work. So I had to tap back into my inner why and the driver and why I'm doing these things and not let that emotional trigger send me into a spiral. So few things that I did. Once I did the reflection piece and got it together, then I said," Okay, connection. So what are you going to do?" Well, first I said," I'm going to go for a run later," because I knew that would make me feel better and it did. But the connection piece, the next thing that I did was I reached out to a friend just to connect and check in and say," Hey, how's it going?" Not to whine, bitch, moan and complain, but just to say," Hey, how's it going?" And get in her life a little bit and just connect with her because that reminds us of our humanity and that we are meant to live and work together in community. So it made me feel good just to be connected to another human. So that was good. The second thing I did is I reached out with some gratitude and it was just a simple two line text message, y'all. It wasn't a 20 minutes with the gratitude journal, overcomplicate this. It literally was a text message to someone that's helping me with some projects here at my house. And I just said," Hey, thanks for your ideas. I love them and it's going to make this project so much better," because it's true. And I wanted him to know that I appreciate that kind of collaboration. So that's the third thing. So I thanked him, but the collaboration piece is we aren't meant to do life alone. And so collaborating with people who are smart and have great ideas makes us feel better because our ideas get better because of their input. And the third thing that I reminded myself of is that I am working on a project here at my house to invest more in me and to make my house more personal and more suited to my life right now. And so they seem like really simple things, but in a matter of a couple of hours, I went from," F this, I'm just going to pour a drink and call it a day and maybe even order a pizza and be done," to," Hold up, hold up. What do you really need in this moment? What's going to give you the emotions, the feelings that you need? What's going to get you back on track? Because you know you're going to pull this event off. You just know it's going to happen. So what do you need to get yourself back on track to do that?" And so now here I am a couple of hours later. I smell like death, had a few miles on the treadmill. That never is a bad idea because moving your body releases all those great chemicals and fun endorphins that make you feel better, but I'm also back on track and I'm saying," Okay, here's what I know I got to do. I got a list ready for tomorrow. I just ordered some healthy food for me and my son, and we're just going to do the damn thing. We're going to get up tomorrow and we're going to get back at it and it's going to be better." So all that just to give you some insight into what reflection and connection sounds like, looks like, feels like, and just a little snapshot of a challenging day. So I hope that's helpful. And back to the event. Y'all should come. If you need some inspiration, you can go to the Stand Tall in Your Story site, which is provided to us by my partners at Cantaloupe. tv, and see the stories from the event last year. And be inspired and let that help you decide whether you should buy a ticket for April 20th. And again, you can attend live at The Vogue. There's going to be food and live music and some cocktails and community building, and it's going to be fun. If you're not ready to get out or you're not in the Indianapolis area, live at home is a great option because this is not some boring snooze fest Zoom meeting. This is an event that is created for the live at home experience. It's a platform called Storybook that is also, again, from my partners at Cantaloupe. tv, and there'll be special content that's been curated for you. And you should get there whatever way you need to. If you have any questions, message me. If you want to talk about packages for the online experience for your women's group, happy to discuss. Just get there, whatever it takes. Do the damn thing. Okay, inaudible.( singing)


This short episode consists of Rebecca’s version of reflection and connection. Her emotions and vulnerabilities are raw and honest on a challenging day.

Rebecca talks about upcoming events at The Vogue with food and live music.