Coordinating an Acquisition Loan

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This is a podcast episode titled, Coordinating an Acquisition Loan. The summary for this episode is:

Rick Dennen: If you've got an existing loan and you want an acquisition line, and you're going to outgrow that small little community relationship, that would be the time to come to the next type lender, a larger institutional like we talked about. And what you can do then is set up that acquisition facility, get a flavor, just like you would on a mortgage, to say, "Based on my current EBITDA, with this type of a lender, this is the type of facility I'd be able to put together based on the existing." So every time you do an acquisition and you're adding additional collateral to that loan or to your business, you would have additional borrowing capabilities. It kind of just continues to build, and you can see how an evolution of that relationship starts with one loan. And then you do a second acquisition and there's more collateral there for that in addition to that acquisition. It just kind of builds off that. So that's where a lot of our repeat business and recurring customers come from.


Listen as Rick Dennen, CEO of First Franchise Capital, explains how to coordinate an acquisition loan with an existing loan or loan agreement in place.

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Rick Dennen

|CEO, First Franchise Capital