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The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Planful Demo | Usama Shakil

This is a podcast episode titled, The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Planful Demo | Usama Shakil. The summary for this episode is: <p>This is it: the BIG demo! Join us for this “audience takeover” comprehensive Planful demo, where you’ll ask the questions that guide our Planful product expert to explore any corner of the platform. Want to see dashboards, workflows, and reporting? Done! Have questions about Spotlight and Predict? Answered! Need some help with a Dynamic Planning challenge? This is the way! Bring your burning questions and leave with detailed answers. </p>
Consuming Financial and Operational Data through Real-Time Dashboards and Visualizations
01:15 MIN
Effortlessly Exploring the Numbers behind the Number with Drill Through Functionality
00:39 MIN
Streamlined Workflows Save Time and Improve Collaboration
01:24 MIN
Dynamic Reporting and Analysis with Built-In Security
01:01 MIN
Flexibility in Report Creation
00:45 MIN
Leveraging Signals to Detect Anomalies
02:54 MIN
Extended Reporting with Spotlight in Excel
01:28 MIN
Transparent Audit Tracking Improves Trust in the Planning Process
00:43 MIN
Sublines Allow for Lower Level Items to be Captured in Detail
01:09 MIN
Predict Functionality for Advanced Forecasting
01:16 MIN

Today's Guest

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Usama Shakil

|Sr. Solutions Consultant, Planful