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Everything LLM's with Co-Founder & CTO Gopi Jaganmohan

This is a podcast episode titled, Everything LLM's with Co-Founder & CTO Gopi Jaganmohan. The summary for this episode is: <p>What are LLM's? ConverSight Co-Founder and CTO Gopinath Jaganmohan joins Ganesh on the pod to discuss large language models, and how these models are playing into ChatGPT and new generative AI technologies. </p>
Introduction; How did we get here?
01:40 MIN
How GPU's power NLP technologies
01:03 MIN
LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory)
01:16 MIN
GPT and the T5 Model
01:45 MIN
02:22 MIN

Today's Host

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Ganesh Gandhieswaran

|Co-Founder, CEO

Today's Guest

Guest Thumbnail

Gopinath Jaganmohan

|Co-Founder, CTO