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Nida Ansari, Hardtech Indiana & Karmic Partners

This is a podcast episode titled, Nida Ansari, Hardtech Indiana & Karmic Partners. The summary for this episode is: <p>Nida Ansari joins Ganesh to discuss global supply chains, manufacturing here in Indiana, as well as AI and how it is revolutionizing manufacturing and businesses across the globe. </p>
Tech and it's impact in supply chains and manufacturing
04:42 MIN
How Ai and Analytics affect supply chains
01:57 MIN
Automation in manufacturing
03:22 MIN
Collecting data and making the move to industry 4.0
01:50 MIN
AI technologies
03:33 MIN
AI in Manufacturing
02:29 MIN
Manufacturers making the move to AI
01:17 MIN
How AI affects manufacturing
01:25 MIN

Today's Host

Guest Thumbnail

Ganesh Gandhieswaran

|Co-Founder, CEO

Today's Guest

Guest Thumbnail

Nida Ansari

|Hardtech Indiana, Karmic Partners