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Amplified Marketing Across Industries with IBM’s Stephen Hunton & Caterpillar’s Hailey Wheeler

This is a podcast episode titled, Amplified Marketing Across Industries with IBM’s Stephen Hunton & Caterpillar’s Hailey Wheeler. The summary for this episode is: <p>As a VP and Social Discipline Leader at IBM, Stephen Hunton is all about understanding what his audience wants: Is it a product demonstration? A topic they need to get educated about? Or do they just want to be fascinated by a new look at something or a deep dive into an innovation?&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Likewise, Hailey Wheeler, Services Marketing Communications Consultant at Caterpillar, is also building relationships with the brand’s varied audiences using content from print to podcasting and all the channels in between.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>In this special live panel from our AMPLIFY event, Stephen and Hailey discuss how Amplified Marketing allows them to reach more people with less-frequent-yet-higher-quality audio and video content.</p><p><br></p><p>Key Takeaways</p><p>🔥 13:15&nbsp;-&nbsp;15:00 Effective Content: Demonstrating, educating, and fascinating</p><p>📣 16:25&nbsp;-&nbsp;18:15 Content Marketing is about human connection</p><p>🪄 25:40&nbsp;-&nbsp;28:37 Expectations on what content can do for a brand</p><p>🚀 29:54&nbsp;-&nbsp;30:46 How Caterpillar is amplifying their audio and video content</p><p>💡 33:25&nbsp;-&nbsp;34:25 How to find experts for your audio and video content</p><p>🥳 38:10&nbsp;-&nbsp;40:24 The Amplified Marketing Methodology: Why we're excited</p><p>🙋 43:31&nbsp;-&nbsp;45:09 Q&amp;A: How to effectively make a case to leadership that content marketing creation structure need to support quality first, then quantity</p><p>🧑‍💻 48:05&nbsp;-&nbsp;50:03 Gathering data: What's the time under tension?</p><p>🔑 57:33&nbsp;-&nbsp;01:00:52 Q&amp;A: To gate or not to gate?</p>